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Since You've Been Gone

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

Quite and reserved Emily is best friends with the very outgoing Sloane. The 2 best friends plan to have the best summer together when all of a sudden Sloane disappears. Emily expects Sloane to come back within a week or so but when she does not she receives a letter from her. The letter Emily receives from Sloane contains a list of 13 things to do that are way out of Emily's comfort zone.. From kissing a stranger to going skinning dipping Emily embarks on a crazy adventure discovering more about herself and finding a little bit of romance along the way in hope that it'll lead her to finding her friend. 


Since You've Been Gone was the kind of slow build up book where it comes to a certain point that you realize you haven't moved in hours and you are devouring the book. It had a slower start for me, but once Emily started taking on the challenges the Sloane had left her, I was desperate to find out more. I had all of these theories of where Sloane might have gone or who she was.. That ending being totally wrong. I did end up liking it and I do not regret reading it. It was a fantastic story about a love and loss and self discovery.


We saw a lot of character development in the book as well. not only with Emily but also frank and Collins who you start to see more as a person and less as a jokester throughout the book.


Although the book was slow building and had quite a few parts where I was bored since you've been gone had a great message about taking chances and growing as a person and I did enjoy it overall and I would give it 4 stars.